DICE™ - Diversity Inclusion Culture Equity

DICE™ by HR Knowledge Source (HRKS), focuses on sustainable culture change through assessing, strategizing, and experiential learning.

Have You Ever Had These Thoughts?

“We’ve Completed Trainings, but I’m not seeing a real change in the culture.”
“I’m DEI fatigued, not sure if it’s worth the ROI.”
“I don’t have time to work on another initiative.”

If the Answer is yes you are not alone. We can help you create systematic sustainability in your workplace with our DICE™ Bold Experience. 

Our Approach

Learn BOLD:

Our operational approach, which includes assessing the organization through data gathering analytics.



Our organizational and team approach which includes strategizing through training, action planning, and implementation.  


Our individual leadership approach which includes experiential and immersive learning, coaching, and program integration with options for a cohort-style platform.

Our BOLD (Bridging Opportunities to Leverage Diversity) Experience, #BOLDEX, is based on the “Learn To Be” methodology, which is our inside-out approach to cultural change.   

Let us help you….”Achieve transformational and sustainable growth by
‘calling people in’ instead of ‘calling people out’.

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